Monday, 4 May 2015


I've had this bronzer for months now and I got it when Zoe (Zoella) mentioned it on one of her videos ages ago so I decided to give it a go but at the same time I was pretty crap at contouring so...bare that part in mind. The first time I used this bronzer I used way too much and it just looked ridiculous because I have pale skin so it just looked like I'd used a wrong colour powder so naturally I gave up with this one and it went back into the drawer. I started out contouring with the Collection Bronze Glow (review here) to get the hang of it more and I slowly got there and I seen a video from Megs Boutique where she used the Clinique Chubby Stick Bronzer and drew a line on the parts where she was going to contour so I tried it out for myself but switched it up a bit. I took the Pointed Foundation Brush from Real Techniques which is in their Core Collection and I took the bronzer on that, drew a line where I was going to put the contour, (cheek, jawline, nose and top of the forehead) and then I took the Buffing Brush (also from the Core Collection) and blended it all in and it worked like a dream. When I didn't use contouring before my face looked so pale and I had no colour whatsoever and I really didn't like it but now with this beauty I actually have some colour on my face and it doesn't look ridiculous it's just a subtle contour look but it can be built up for a full on contour if that's what you prefer. It lasts all day on me and I never seem to see it fading. I actually don't know how I've done my make-up so long without having contour because I'm pale as a ghost so it looked so weird before but now it's so nice to finally have some added colour to my face! 

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