Friday, 28 August 2015

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Bare Minerals, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Tinted Moisturiser, Bare Minerals Products, Foundation, Bare Minerals Light Foundation
Bare Minerals, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Tinted Moisturiser, Bare Minerals Products, Foundation, Bare Minerals Light Foundation

I'm going to start this by saying the bloggers definitely made me buy this one, I'd been looking for a lighter coverage foundation/tinted moisturiser for the summer but never really came across one that I wanted to try out until the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue popped up. I do suffer with dry skin and I also suffer with really oily skin in the summer so firstly this shade actually matched my pale skin which I was thrilled about but it did make me go shiny because of the type of formula that it is, it's a tinted moisturiser and really creamy and it does really feel like you're just putting your everyday moisturiser on, it feels cooling when first applied to your face which is definitely a nice thing, it doesn't feel like you have a full coverage heavy foundation on but I don't think it feels like you don't have any on either if that makes sense? To me when I've been out and about and it's absolutely boiling I actually feel like a bit of a sweaty mess and I cannot stand the feel of the make up on my face anyway despite what I use so I do end up taking it off sometimes. I think this one could be a really good light foundation for me in the Winter time because it does really help with my dry skin but it doesn't do great things for my oily skin. I do add powder over the top but overtime it does start to feel too cakey so like I said I take it off. It does last really well throughout the day I put it on around 9 and most of the time I take it off around 2-3pm and it still is firmly on there it just looks like I've been at the gym for 2 hours so it's really NOT a good look to be rocking. So at the moment this one is back in my drawer along with every other foundation and I'm wearing none at the moment because I can't find a decent one to help my oily skin but considering we're halfway through August now I'm not going to go on the hunt for another tinted moisturiser or products for my oily skin because I only ever get the bad oily skin during summer and it's cooling down a lot now so I'll just wait until next year to find something that'd help my skin out I think I'll most likely try out the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation because a lot of people say that's good for oily skin so if you do have any recommendations that I need to try out please let me know!  

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  1. I completely feel your pain on this- my skin gets very dry if I don't use any moisturisers, foundations etc., but as soon as I do it becomes very oily and it's difficult to find products that help strike a balance between the two! I still haven't found the best products yet, but hopefully I will one day!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  2. Have you tried L'Oreal Pro Matte, Kat Von D foundation, Revlon ColourStay for oily skin?

    Sarah | <3

  3. My skin has recently been switching from dry to oily which is a pain!



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