Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Annie Haak | The Bliss Collection

The Bliss collection is the new Autumn/Winter collection from Annie Haak, these jewellery pieces are made 'using genuine Swarovski crystals and Japanese glass beads the new collection stylishly light’s up those dark nights ahead' and they are absolutely beautiful, I've never really seen any jewellery pieces quite like the ones in the newest Bliss Collection.

I think if I had to pick then my favourite out of the two definitely has to be the Whole Lot of Sparkle Silver Charm Bracelet* this bracelet is absolutely beautiful and I love the colour of the beads, me being me as soon as I saw this one I loved it because of the black coloured beads, they just looked so pretty and I knew I'd love it because of that. The beads are mainly black but when you turn it various ways it shows blue, green, gold and purple and they all look SO nice together I absolutely love it, it's also got tiny little silver beads in between the other beads which makes the bracelet come together. The bracelet is a standard size beaded bracelet but it feels really good quality, with some beaded bracelets you feel as though they'll snap whilst trying to put it onto your wrist (and I have had a few of those!) but not with this one, this one goes on really well and fits around my hand really nicely. With this bracelet you can choose an initial to go on it so obviously I went with 'B'. The initial is not a massive charm but it's not a tiny one either it's in between and the initial charm is in silver which compliments the black bracelet perfectly it all goes so nicely together. The bracelet is also available in a range of different colours from Light Grey Opal to Purple Velvet you can also either opt for an initial or you can pick from the other options which are: Mini Dragonfly, Tiny Daisy, Mini Elephant, Mini Guardian Angel, Tiny Butterfly, Tiny Open Heart or a Tiny Open Star, I feel like this bracelet could make such a special gift to someone for either their Birthday, Anniversary or you know.. Christmas!

I really liked the look of the Samara Swarovski Ring* as it seemed like such a simple little ring to have, you can choose out of a range of colours Fuschia, Clear Crystal, Amethyst, Turquoise, Indian Red, Jet Black, Sapphire and Fire Opal. Obviously yet again me being me I opted for the Jet Black crystal because that suited me that much better. The only downside to these rings is that they don't actually have my size, I'm a size 'K' and the smallest ring they said they had was an 'L' so they sent me that one which I agreed with and luckily it does fit me, it doesn't fit as well as my Pandora Ring and this one is a tiny bit too big for me but I have done the 'shake your hand all over the place and see if it falls off' test which it didn't so that I was extremely happy about because I do really love this ring. The sizes available are L - Small, N - Medium and O - Large. This ring is right up my street because I'm more of a simple ring kinda gal I don't really like the whole big gems and all of that I prefer tiny gems just like this one and I also love how the little Swarovski black crystal looks with the silver band they go together so well. 

B x 

*This post contains PR samples.


  1. These are so nice! The packaging looks really amazing, which I always think is a silly thing to say because it's packing but... whatever, I like it. And I really like the ring because it seems to have that kind of... effortless cool girl from the 90s vibe... do you know what I'm saying? Hahah.

    Aisling | aisybee.

  2. Such stunning jewellery, simple but beautiful. Great post!

    Sarah xx


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