Monday, 28 September 2015

Rainbow Pinata Cake

I decided I wanted to start incorporating some more baking/lifestyle posts into my blog rather than solely focusing on beauty so for my first post I decided I'd show you my Pinata cake. I baked this a couple of weeks back and to be honest it did go better than I thought. You know how it is you start baking thinking you can get it to look like a picture after 1 try and it doesn't it's on the shit side but tastes takes at least 4 or 5 tries before it stops going shit and you finally have something decent but luckily with this one it didn't go too bad. I kinda went from scratch I searched around and just went with it and guessed half of things and it turned out alright probably doesn't look it's best but it bloody tasted good! 

What I Used:

2 x Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix

2 x Baking Tins

2 x Medium Eggs

2 x Tubs of Vanilla Buttercream 

4 x food colouring of your choice. I went with Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink

Toppings of your choice 

And then the best part.. The sweets you want to put into the middle to make the Pinata cake come to life! 

First things first and probably one of the things I ALWAYS forget because I'm an eager beaver and just want to get to the fun part, preheat your oven to 200 degrees or gas mark 6, again I just sort of guess and just go with it I'm rebel like that... then it's time for the fun (or stressful) part. 

I started by grabbing a big mixing bowl and emptying the first cake mix into the bowl, I cracked in the egg and added some water (if you'd rather follow instructions then follow away with how many tablespoons of water it tells you to put it in on the back of the packet but I just guessed) then I mixed all of those 3 together until it looked like a decent cake mix...(How good does cake mix smell though?!) once it was all mixed together I grabbed my baking tins and lined them with greaseproof paper, I then put them to the side before getting 2 bowls and halving the cake mix into the bowls then adding the food colouring, the blue food colouring I used was actually crap because I nearly used the whole tube and it still didn't come out to be as blue as I wanted but what can you do? After adding the two colours to the cake mix I poured one bowl into one cake tin and then did the same with the other and popped them into the oven for 15-20 minutes or until it looks done I kept checking mine and using a cake tester through the middle making sure it was fully cooked through (if it comes off clean and there's no cake mix on there you're good to go!) because my oven's stupid and cooks more on one side so at one point it makes the nice colourful cake brown. NOT good and VERY stressful I got so annoyed when it first did it but you live and learn chaps. Live and learn. 

As those two cakes were baking I grabbed another mixing bowl then made the second cake mix repeating what I did for the first one and again splitting it into two bowls and adding the food colouring, then pouring them into the tin popping them into the oven and waiting until they're all done.

Now comes the risky/stressful/fun part! It's time to put all the cakes together and make the Pinata cake come to life. After leaving the cakes to cool for a little I took them out of their tins and popped them onto the side. I chose which coloured sponge I wanted as the base and popped that carefully onto a plate, I then chose the two coloured cakes that we're going to be the base for the 'Pinata' part and I placed them on top of eachother, taking my cookie cutter I pressed it down cutting a hole into the middle of those two cakes and I put the leftover sponge to the side grabbed some buttercream and I spread that onto the base cake and added the first sponge with the hole in on top, added buttercream around that one and popped the other hole sponge on top of that one now here's the fun part it's time to put ALL of the sweets into the middle this can literally be anything and you can just stick to one I went for a bit of everything because why not? I popped it all into the hole of the sponge making sure there was a good chunk in there and then I added buttercream over the top of the sponge and then put the 'lid' of the cake on top of that and voila! That's the base pretty much done! I didn't want to waste the part of the cake I'd cut out so I put it on top so it made a little cake on top of a big cake and put buttercream over the top layer and sprinkled sugar stars and chocolate curls around it and there we have it. It's done a Pinata cake.

I was actually pretty proud of how it came out given that it was my very first try but looking at the pictures there are some bits that I think I could make a lot better but that's the whole fun of baking: practice makes perfect (and you get to eat all the naughty cakes whilst trying to make them look perfect.. Bonus!!) I hope you enjoyed my first baking post because there probably will be more to come and hopefully I'll get a bit better at writing them but this is probably the first post I've really enjoyed writing it a while. 

B x


  1. This looks delicious - and I love your baking style. Sounds a little like me in the kitchen!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. This pretty much looks like the best cake I have ever seen!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  3. This looks so delicious! It's my birthday next week and I would love a cake like this!

  4. I love the idea of this! Might have to request one from my sister for my birthday, haha!
    30 Plus and Beautiful

  5. Omg that looks amazing!

    Lovely blogpost!

    Francesca xx

  6. This is like the cake of dreams!!!

    Parie xx

  7. YUM! This is so so cool, I really want to give it a go. I have such a sweet tooth and this will satisfy it very well...

    Liza xx

  8. Oh my good lord this looks and sounds amazing wow wow! I would love to make this for someones birthday! x


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