Monday, 25 April 2016

Harry Potter Colouring Book

I'll start off by saying I'm pretty obsessed with Harry Potter and I bloody love it, everytime I watch the movies it just doesn't get old! So when I saw this Harry Potter Colouring Book on Amazon I just had to pick it up, for £5  this book is such amazing quality and the drawings for you to colour are so lifelike they look just like the characters. I've been trying to get into colouring a lot more so it helps me relax and calm down a bit so obviously I was going to try and enjoy colouring by purchasing a Harry Potter colouring book. The other thing about this colouring book is the fact it has some pictures in the back part of the book of some of the colourings so you can see what colours to use and how it looks! It's so cool and the quality is amazing! I'm after the Magical Creatures book and the Magical Places and Characters ones now.

B x 


  1. Think I shall get this for my eldest! He loves Harry Potter as well x

  2. I have this colouring book - it's awesome isn't it?! x x

  3. As IF there is a Harry Potter colouring book!? I need this now!!

    Thank you for a lovely #fblchat tonight, I love your blog so much! Now following on Bloglovin' :) Would love it if you could check out mine too:

    Looking forward to your future posts! <3
    Emily xxx

  4. What a brilliant colouring book! It's perfect for any Harry Potter fan :)

  5. My daughter and I have this colouring book! It's fab for any Harry Potter fan! It has kept us both quiet for hours!


  6. OH MY GOD I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! I'm obsessed with Harry Potter too so this is perfect for me!! Xx

  7. I have this colouring book and did a bit of a review on it over on, it's amazing isn't it!

    I love the page which is about the Quibbler because it let my imagination run free a bit more than the other pages! I am such a Harry Potter geek as well haha!

    Found your blog through the BDIB chat, and I'm so glad I did :) xxx

  8. I love a great colouring book! They really help with relaxing!

    Sophie -


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