Friday, 6 May 2016

Vaseline Sugar Coated Lip Therapy

Over the last month or so I've not really been liking any shade of lipstick, I get into these moods where I either love them or hate them and it's been a 'hate them' sort of month. I've disliked everyone that I've put on which was really getting on my nerves. I wanted a barely there lipstick and I soon realised that I didn't have one of those - shocking I know. But I didn't even know what colour to even purchase just in case it wasn't what I was really looking for so one morning I just decided to pick up my Vaseline Lip Therapy Pot and I ended up loving how it looked!

I've been really liking the hardly any make up look because we're finally in Spring and this worked perfectly with the rest of my make up look, it was the perfect 'nude' shade I was looking for which definitely wouldn't have been the shade of any lipstick I purchased so that was lucky haha. This Vaseline pot is so cute and little, it's perfect to take with you in your bag or even your pocket for touch ups on the go, the best thing about it is the fact it's really moisturising for the lips so my lips are looking all shiny and healthy which is exactly what I was looking for. I found that it lasted around 2-3 hours leaving the shine on my lips before it needed a touch up which is so good for a lip balm. I thought this was a limited edition at first but when I searched around I found out that it wasn't which I'm super glad about because I love it! It's definitely become my go to lip product over the last month and for £2.99 you can't really go wrong, I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when I need too. 

B x


  1. I have spotted this by the checkout in my local Tesco's and have so wanted to try it!
    I love the look of this!

    Lovely blogpost!
    Francesca xx


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