Monday, 14 November 2016

Makeup of the Day

Hello hello helloooooooooo. Today I decided to share with you my makeup of the day (minus a picture of me wearing it because no one wants to see that) this makeup I've been wearing daily (not necessarily daily like once a week - it's my go to though honest) my base is none other than MAC's Studio Fix Foundation. The SF is my go to foundation throughout the year and that's mainly because every other one I try doesn't seem to match my pale skintone at all but the SF is perfect for me. 
Next up is eyeshadow and my love for the Sleek palettes is just increasing and that's the main eyeshadows I use these days, they're super pigmented for the price and they have such a range of pretty shades, the palette I use for an everyday look is the All Night Long Palette (which I may or may not have pinched from my sister oops). To go along with the eyeshadow I always line my waterline as I love the finishing look it has and I really think it helps my eyes stand out and the eyeliner I use for that is the Kohl Waterproof Liner from Rimmel.

Another product from Sleek that I can't go without using when doing my makeup is their Solstice Highlight Palette - this palette is BEAUTIFUL - I absolutely love it and I'm such a fan of highlight, but this one is the best palette I've used so far, definitely recommend it.

For mascara my ultimate favourite combination is the Maybelline Lash Sensational and the Benefit Roller Lash - these two together do wonders for my eyelashes, they really lengthen them and make them stand out which is exactly what I'm after.

Next up is brows! Although I hate filling in my brows I do like how it makes them look, they just look so much better, I use the Brow This Way from Rimmel, it's a small little thing but it does last me quite a while and the product doesn't budge all day. 

Lastly is the lip! The lip product I've been using the most is the Nudist shade from Soap and Glory, I won't say too much on this one as I've reviewed it recently with swatches - here - but this is the perfect nude shade for everyday. 

So that's pretty much all I use for my makeup, what is one of you go to makeup products?

B x 


  1. Would have loved to see this all on! They all sound like really great products, and your photography is beautiful!

    Kelly || Velvet and Vibranium

  2. I didn't know Rimmel made the Kohl liner waterproof! The one I use to use would smudge after a while. I need to go find this waterproof one. I was sent one through Influenster but I couldn't find the perfect sharpener for it. What do you recommend?

    Tina @ As Told By Tina


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