Sunday, 29 January 2017

2017 Goals

(I know this is a bit tad late but it's still January...better late than never eh?!) Ah, 2017, we meet already. As much as I don't particularly like new year for many many reasons, it is nice in a way to have a fresh start and put together a few goals of things you'd like to achieve in the year, obviously I'm going for more of those realistic goals otherwise I'd have 'find myself a boyfriend and fall in love' on the list but knowing my luck that ain't gonna happen so you know realistic goals are the way forward for this 2017 Goals list. Maybe towards the end of the year I'll come back to this and see what I did achieve and let you all know!

Learn Calligraphy - This is definitely something I'd love to learn this year, I started learning it last year but I really want to get better at it, I love the writing and it weirdly calms me down.

Stop picking/biting my nails - I'm terrible at this, I'm a nervous nail biter/picker so my nails are awful but I reaaalllly want to try and stop so they look all nice and pretty when I've painted them.

Be a bit more organised - I'm one of those people that doesn't organise anything, I just can't be bothered, even if it's organising clothes they're shoved in the drawer or on the chair and that's that so it's definitely something I need to work on this year, even becoming organised by actually picking up my diary, but my diary is PINK and glittery so naturally now I just want to use it because it's so purdy. Yep. Pink. Purdy. You heard it here first this gal is jumping on the pink train for literally the first time in her life.

Do more of my photography and Sell a print or two - Not really a shocking goal to be honest, I really want to get into my photography properly, it's such a passion of mine and I'd love to sell some prints too. It's definitely the best feeling.

Get another tattoo(s) - Now this is something I want to really get. I finally got my first tattoo last year and I absolutely love it, I've already got a few ideas of like 2 or 3 tattoos that I want but let's keep this goal to just get ONE tattoo this year.

Try and have more downtime to relax - This one I need to do. I spend too much of my time constantly worrying and it's no good for me, so I'm going to try and take time out put the phone away ignore the Internet ignore the world and try and relax.

Add more colour into my oh so boring wardrobe - I've already started to do this one actually by buying various pink things (did I mention I think I'm becoming obsessed with pink? Not like my blog is pink or anything...) I don't have much of a selection of colour it's basically just black white or grey. Very boring, so colour. Add more colour.

Do more colouring - Another one I've already started to do, I think I've coloured everyday since Christmas now and I find it so fun, I never used to like it but now it's something I really enjoy, it gets you away from the Internet and into your own little world for a while. Also colouring books are so cute and pretty.

Take more care of my hair/skin/nails - Something I most definitely don't do enough is taking care of my hair skin and nails, I've made it my mission this year to not bite my nails or pick them, to come up with a good skincare routine that helps my skin and then remember to actually do it every morning and evening and lastly to not straighten my hair as much and use less heat on it, so I can grow it out, Princess hair here I come!

Bake more - I love baking like love love love love LOVE it, it's so much fun and I love trying new things, I've already baked a cake this year so my baking more goal is already in full swing, I really also want to make cookies and I use gluten free flour so it is a bit more difficult but then I have so much fun with the trial and error. Yes I get stroppy but then I try again so definitely want to do more this year.

What's one thing you'd love to achieve this year?

B x


  1. What a nice goals :) I hope you can achieve all of them!! My goals are to find my dream job e work hard on my blog !! xx

  2. These sound like great goals! I used to love doing calligraphy when I was younger, I really should get back into it. And I've been really bad at taking care of my skin lately, so it's something I really should start making more of an effort with again.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Great goals! I think it would be really cool to learn calligraphy. Good luck with all your goals! x

  4. I'd love to stop biting my nails this year, but it's so difficult to get out of that habit considering I've been doing it for ages! x //


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