Friday, 3 March 2017

YouTube Made Me Buy It

I've seen a few videos of this going around so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon but do it as a blog post instead. There's a few things that YouTube has made me buy over the years but here's a few of them:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation - First up is a Foundation, I was super happy when they had a really pale shade which is actually a perfect shade for me. I love this Foundation, it's a good high coverage which I like because it covers all the redness and blemishes that I have and makes my skin look that much better, it's a matte finish and I don't find it rubs off during the day unless I have a cold haha! But definitely love this one and it's probably my go to Foundation. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational - This was all over the Internet when it was first released and I didn't really want to give into the hype because I've fallen for that so many times and ended up hating it completely but I did give in in the end and I was really happy that I did because I haven't used any other mascara since trying this one out, I love it! It does everything I want a mascara to do, lengthen, separate and give them more definition. 

Sleek Solstice Palette -  Ohh this highlight Palette is BEAUTIFUL, I saw it and wanted it instantly. It's the prettiest highlight Palette I own and I love Sleek for bringing this out, it has 4 different highlight shades in the gold packaged palette and it's 100% worth the price, these highlighters are super pigmented and you don't need much at all to have that beautiful highlight on your face. I've reviewed this here and it includes swatches if you want a nose at that! 

MAC Velvet Teddy - Lastly is of course a lipstick by MAC and it's obviously going to be Velvet Teddy, now we all know how much of a hype went around this lipstick because of the whole Kylie Jenner thing and I did give into this one and this one was another one I was glad I purchased, I absolutely love it, it's the perfect brown toned nude shade, it lasts so long on the lips and it's a matte finish. What more could you ask for? (For it to be cheaper? I agree with that one!) 

B x 

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  1. Oh my, how many things Youtube has convinced me to buy!! I was persuaded to buy the Lash Sensational Mascara and I'm also glad I did, I agree it's great. I also love the MAC velvet teddy lipstick for the same reasons... the power of the internet!

    Maddie | xx


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