Monday, 10 April 2017

What's In My Bag?

As you can tell by the title I'm going to do a What's In My Bag post! Weirdly I like these kind of posts/videos probably because I'm nosey and want to know what everyone keeps in their bags because you know why not it might give you an idea and be like YAS I need that in my bag or you know their might be a weird thing and your like wtf why is that in their bag either way the moral of the story is that I'm nosey and I like these posts so I figured I'd do one.

Firstly my bag (badly pictured - soz) is from Skinny Dip London, now you've ALL probably heard about Skinny Dip, they seem to be the go to place of every blogger looking for a quirky phonecase (me included) but the best thing is they sell a bunch of other things too and one of those things is bags! I got myself a backpack and it's the Bumble one which was from their Cowboy range I think? It's silver with studs on the top flap and patterns and it's got a button to close it and an internal zip pocket as well, it's actually a really nice bag, I like backpacks because I'm one to carry my camera everywhere but I will say it's annoying at the same time because you can't take it out quickly to snap that perfect picture that will be gone within a second and you've missed it because you were too slow opening your backpack, other than that, really like it, it's practical, pretty and great for storing all of my crap. 

Obviously first thing in my bag is my phone - does anyone go anywhere without a phone these days? The answer to that is yes. If you answered no, well then you clearly haven't met my sister. I have an iPhone surprise surprise yeah it's expensive Apple are annoying but still love the phone. 

Diary + Pen - You never know when you're going to need your diary or a pen to jot something down quickly, I know I could use my phone but there's nothing like a cute lil diary to write all that important crap in you know like what you're having for dinner that night or when your favourite TV show's back or if you're a lot more social than me party dates and other things. 

Merci Hand Gels* - Firstly oh my gosh how cute are these little Hand Gels? They're literally the cutest things ever and I'm surprised my sister hasn't stolen them because she's a sucker for cute small products. These little hand gels are the perfect size to pop into your bag for the day or night out even, it's nice to have an anti bacterial gel when you go out just incase you touch something gross or you go to the doctors and have to touch the door where all germy people are because doctors (lol) the other thing about this is how yummy they smell. At first they smell gross, like a proper anti bacterial gel but then when you've rubbed it all in it smells so nice! I have the scents Black Vanilla and Lollipop and they just smell so nice, leave your hands feeling soft, smelling nice and you know no longer germy. YAY FOR NO GERMS. 

Camera - Not pictured just the lens cap because I used it to take this picture so couldn't include it HA - As you probably know I love photography bloody love it, slack on it half the time but still love it nonetheless. I have a Canon DLSR and it's my little baby and the best thing EVER. 

Tissues - These are an ESSENTIAL because I'm a nightmare with my runny nose seriously (bet you could've done without knowing that but hey ho were all friends here...I hope) but what better way to wipe your nose with an angel tissue, aren't they the cutest? Not much else to say really, essential, runny nose or you know mucky pup with food or ice cream around your mouth. 

Baby Lips - You can't go anywhere without having a nice lip balm in your bag just in case you fancy a top up or when your lips are dry and you need to apply it like every hour (talking about a friend...) I have this funky looking one from Maybelline which is a cheek and blush so two products  in one however I don't wear blush so I use it purely for my lips, it's got a nice little peachy tint, smells amazing and keeps my lips hydrated. What more could I want? 

Lastly is a purse and oh my gosh how adorable is this little strawberry purse it's literally the cutest thing, I keep my money in here you know 1p coins I've found here and there and the odd £1 coin. Broke life eh? I may be broke but at least my purse is cute.

B x

*This post contains PR samples. 


  1. I love these posts I'm a nosy person like that, I always always carry wet wipes its a major essential for me these days. Beautiful blog <3

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva
    Snapchat: MeghanSSilva1

  2. I always keep hand sanitizers and a baby lips in my bag as well. And you can find my camera in my bag most of the time as well. (Blogger Life) :)

  3. Love these posts - I'm so nosy! You carry so LITTLE in your handbag! Haha. I have two make-up bags, a filofax, a diary, a couple of pens, tissues, manicure kit, house keys, car keys. The list goes on! I do love your strawberry purse though. x x


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