Friday, 11 August 2017

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith Book Review

Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Release Date: Available to purchase now
Genre: Romance
Rating: 3.5/5

Sometimes you're just in the mood to read a good old soppy romance book aren't you? Well that's the mood I was in and I decided to pick up The Geography of You and Me and it was just the book I was looking for. Yes I'm probably a bit of a hopeless romantic, always waiting for the perfect guy to wander into my life (still waiting...) and sometimes you've just got to leave it to fate haven't you? Well, that's what happened in this book.

For both Owen and Lucy, the day started off like any other, except it didn't finish like any other day. 
Owen's just moved to New York after his mother was in an accident and she didn't make it, his Dad got a job as the maintenance guy for the building Lucy's living in, they don't have much money and luckily the job came with an apartment, well the apartment in the basement, New York is the last place Owen wants to be, until he meets Lucy. 

Lucy lives in the hotel where Owen is now staying, Lucy's mostly on her own because her parents are rich, they always travel to different places for holidays but Lucy's left alone now her brothers have gone off to college, she was used to it being just the 3 of them always having fun, but now Lucy feels lost without them. 

The story starts where they both end up getting stuck in an elevator on the hottest day of the year in New York after the power goes down in the entire City, no lights, no power, no air conditioning, nothing. Owen and Lucy have never met before that day, but with them meeting their Worlds turn upside down. 

I went into the story expecting that they'd become really really really close after meeting in the elevator and they'd be together since then, but that's definitely not what happens, instead of that, they spend the evening together, they part ways, everything changes, they end up moving to different places, travelling everywhere from San Francisco to Edinburgh, but none of them can ever forget that one night they spent together, they stay in touch in such an old school way of Postcards which I loved, there's nothing like taking it back to writing a letter or postcard, there's just something more meaningful about it than a simple text or e-mail. 

I found myself rooting for them the entire way through the book even though their thousands of miles apart, but as always when you move, they start drifting apart and that's where fate comes into it, are they really meant to be together? 

Well, that's for fate to decide.

B x

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